WWE Money In The Bank 2013 Wallpaper

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One Ladder. One Briefcase. One Opportunity Of A Lifetime.
Have you ever heard the phrase “Climbing the ladder of success”? I think WWE took that phrase and turned it into a match back in 2005. They figured since it’s a wrestling company and since all superstars want to reach unimaginable levels of success, why not make them work their way up the ranks (or rungs)…literally. But instead of a corporate ladder or a metaphorical ladder, a group of superstars will have to climb actual Home Depot-grade ladders to grab a contract that all but guarantees them a reign as the next WWE / World Heavyweight Champion.

This year’s Money In The Bank PPV looks exceptionally good. The MITB All Stars match is so filled-to-the-brim with talent and potential that it’s insane. And with Rob Van Dam making his much-anticipated return to a WWE ring, you can bet good money that there’ll be a lot of high-flying chaos during that match. What interests me most is the removal of Kane from the match after that brutal attack by the Wyatt Family on Raw. A part of me is seriously bummed-out that the Big Red Machine won’t be present at the event, but my not-so-naive brain tells me there are bigger plans in store for Kane in the near future. Is he being replaced by another top-tier superstar? Will he make a grand entrance halfway through the match and win? Or will Kane’s injuries take him down a dark and unpleasant road in a war against the Wyatts?

Time will tell.

I’m also excited to see who will win the very unique heel-only MITB Ladder Match. I’m placing my bets on Wade Barrett because he deserves a big push at this point, but something tells me it’ll either be Sandow or Cody Rhodes. Remember, the event takes place in Philadelphia…and Philly is notorious for loving their heels. It’s ECW town, folks, so don’t be surprised when the crowd pops during this match.

I’m not too interested in the Ziggler – Del Rio match. I really enjoy watching the two, but something about their chemistry puts me off. And as for John Cena vs Mark Henry, I’m hoping for a giant Mark Henry win. I think all of you know by now that I’m not a Cena fan, and I’d love to see the WWE Championship around someone else’s waist. I respect Cena as a superstar and for all that he has done for the business in and out of the ring, but it absolutely bores me that he’s the champ. It’s just that after so many runs with the title, he brings nothing new to the plate. So yeah…thank you for doing what you do, but I’d like to see that championship on someone else’s shoulder, please.

So we’re at the 11th hour again and what would the 11th hour be without our exclusive monthly PPV wallpaper, right? Download the brand new WWE Money In The Bank 2013 wallpaper for all your gadgets, people!

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  2. Awesome job as always! Been downloading your wallpapers for years now. Keep up the good work!

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