(Updated) Road To WrestleMania 28 : WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Wallpaper

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Road To WrestleMania 28 : WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Wallpaper

UPDATE : Yes, the wallpaper has been updated. Out goes Randy Orton and in comes……oh no. Hey I like Santino and all, but seeing him upfront on the wallpaper like that makes me wonder “What the eff just happened here?!” He’ll probably get attacked backstage on the PPV or something. I’m placing my bets on Drew McIntyre. To be honest though, I’d want Santino in the Chamber over Great Khali any day. 

One Final, Grueling Stop Before WrestleMania 28.
I’ve said this time and time again. The Elimination Chamber PPV is one of my most-liked shows of the year. And it only gets better if the contestants selected for the Chamber are excellent superstars. But I think the reason the Elimination Chamber is so exciting is because it’s the final turning point before WWE’s rosters head into the Grandest Stage of Them All, WrestleMania. The Elimination Chamber is where major titles shift hands, big feuds are set in motion, and everyone’s gunning for a chance just to be on WWE’s most elite platform.

This year is unique though. More than the two Chamber matches, I’m actually looking forward to seeing the Ambulance Match between Kane and John Cena. Now I know there’s an extremely insignificant chance that Cena may actually “embrace the hate” and go bonkers on everyone. That isn’t going to happen a month away from ‘Mania no matter how much people want it to. Kane will probably have to ride away at the back of the medical van instead. But the match itself is worth looking forward to. The last time we saw it was nearly 8 years ago, in a time when Kane had only recently unmasked and was involved in a heated feud against Shane McMahon. Kane went on to bury his brother The Undertaker on the same night, so there’s a lot of brutal history stacked-up behind this Ambulance Match, which makes me think it’ll be pretty damn entertaining.

As far as the Chamber matches are concerned, I’m looking forward to Raw’s main event more. I’m sure SmackDown!’s contestants will dish out some awesome moves and may even surprise us with a better match, but right now Raw’s WWE Championship match seems like the superior match. You have Punk, Jericho, Kingston, Ziggler, Truth, and Miz in the same ring inside an enclosed steel structure. Those are 6 amazing superstars who know how to put on a good match, so I’m stoked.

I’m sure other matches will pop-up as well. Sheamus is bound to make an appearance and “choose his opponent“. In other words, he’ll crash the SmackDown! Chamber match. I doubt Triple H’s angle will make any progress at the event though…unless The Undertaker decides to don the new “hairless” look on the show. You never know.

Anyway, here’s the wallpaper for this year’s Elimination Chamber. Yes, I went with a different design and style from last year’s. Massive props to VKM and the guys at WCFR for these hi-res images, as always. Get to downloadin’, all! We’re one big PPV away from arguably the biggest PPV of all time. I’m insanely excited, are you?


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..or if you still prefer the one with Orton in it, download below!

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  1. i hope you make individual wallapapers for wrestlemania’s main events

  2. Daniel bryan is the World Heavyweight champion but the belt in Daniel Bryan’s hand is showing the name Mark Henry

  3. Santino replaced Randy on this weeks SD!

  4. orton injured 

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