Turn Up The Funk : Does Brodus Clay’s re-Debut Mean WWE Is Bringing Back Crazy Characters Again?

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Turn Up The Funk : Does Brodus Clay's re-Debut Mean WWE Is Bringing Back Crazy Characters Again?

If you’ve been a WWE fan long enough, you can tell when an episode of Raw feels like something from a decade ago. That’s exactly what happened last night when Raw to me felt like an episode that came out of the Attitude Era…minus the TV14 insanity. Was it because of Kane? Was it because of Zack Ryder? Was it because of R-Truth? I’d say it was thanks to all of them, but the icing on the cake was none other than the Funkasaurus, Brodus Clay. It was one of the most bizarre debuts I’ve seen in a while, but what really got to me was how similar it felt to certain characters on WWE’s roster nearly a decade ago. Does this mean WWE are reinventing their roster to bring back the crazy, the wacky, the strange, and the larger than life characters? 

Right off the bat I’ll admit that I loved Brodus’ re-debut 2minutes into his dance routine. It was classic. It was genius. But more than that, it was interesting. It wasn’t particularly unique or new because there have been others who have used the gimmick to their advantage before. But it has everyone talking, even the ones who wouldn’t normally talk to me about wrestling. Brodus’ reinvention was ballsy and because of the chances of failure, also very risky. I first thought this was one of Vince’s occasional ribs that he likes to pull on the superstars, but then I realized how creative this was; to turn the supposed “Fall of Humanity” into this colorful, energetic, fun-loving character who seemed to have the Godfather’s sense of humor and Vader’s body…and Ernest “The Cat” Miller’s WWE theme song.

This got me to thinking…

Is WWE opening-up their mindset to accommodate these slightly loony characters once again? The 80′s and 90′s had rosters lined-up with larger than life superstars; some of whom went on to become the biggest WWE legends of all time. The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior, and Ric Flair comes to mind. So if WWE are indeed filling their rosters with more colorful superstars, I say way to go and it’s about time! I mean seriously, if we wanted “real” we’d watch mixed martial arts or Muai Thai or something. Vince and co. tried to ground their product for the last 10 years by having generic smiley-faced characters smacked across their posters to sell shows, while the bad guys were limited to being sneaky and pathetic; essentially using the same dirty tactics over and over until you began to wonder if the referees are blind or just incredibly f**king stupid. Or both. The whole initiative didn’t serve them well, and today WWE is stuck in a sh*tpile of low ratings and the inability to even launch their own channel on the promised date.

With guys like Zack Ryder, R-Truth, Kane, Hornswoggle, Santino, and Brodus Clay on board, I’m guessing WWE have learned the err of their ways and are trying to bring the “entertainment” back to “World Wrestling Entertainment”…yeah ‘WWE’ still stands for that, I don’t care what anyone says. If you’re thinking Kane shouldn’t be on that list, just stop, drop, and think again. Kane’s the most larger than life character on the roster right now, and if The Undertaker comes back to play Lightning-Bolt-Tag with his little brother again, it’ll just go right back to 1998′s “mythological insanity era”. Pulling Zack Ryder down to Hell? As in the real Hell aka fiery underworld? That’s just insane. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome as well. Remember, it’s actually part of WWE’s canon arc that Hornswoggle was given a voice by Santa Claus, and that there’s an entire labyrinth under the ring…with a courtroom and all. Just think about that for a second and then try to decide if it’s awesome, creative, strange, or just stupid. I say it’s all of them, which means it’s a mindf**k!

Back to story. I’m glad WWE decided to go this route with Brodus. We haven’t seen it play out yet, so lets patiently wait for WWE to flesh this out over the next several weeks. If done right, this character could be what Brodus needs to become a staple WWE player instead of a generic monster heel who talks about ending humanity and whatnot, then squashes some midcarder who isn’t even on an active roster, then gets drafted to SmackDown! in July…and then gets abruptly fired. No, this is so much better than that. If they’re really up to getting wackier characters on the show, I can’t wait to see who they’ll come up with next. There are a LOT of talented superstars on the roster who’d be willing to do way, way more than what Brodus Clay…which is both assuring and frightening at the same time.

Take note, I don’t want all superstars to get too crazy, just some of them. A good balance of serious people on the roster plus some over-the-top ones could bring back the edge that pro-wrestling has been missing for the last decade or so. Think about it, WWE. Or if you’re already thinking about it, great job!



  1. Wow are you off!  This is a TERRIBLE gimmick and has been since the moment it started.  This is the exact opposite of the direction the WWE should be going.  They had it right in mid-2011 with CM Punk coming out and cutting a promo that expressed fans frustration at the PG pablum that was being served.  This is reverting back to a safe, inoffensive product, by introducing a sideshow character that can’t be taken seriously.  And, to be clear, Brodus Clay is not reminiscent of the Hulkamania era, he’s much more a product of the last couple of years, where blading is banned, chairshots to the head are verboten and ‘wrestling’ is a dirty word.  There was not one iota of genius in the character and it’s mind-bogging you would think that.  At best, he’s drawing elements from previous superstars, but it’s a rehash, an amalgam of forgettable characters with its own unique brand of failure.  It can’t end fast enough and I hope someone figures out that the crowds’ indifference has been deafening.  Kind of like when the WWE saddled R-Truth with that awful ‘Crunk’ theme and he couldn’t get anyone in the audience interested.  Mercifully, someone was paying attention and that mistake was corrected.  The same needs to be done here.

  2. Hahaha Lol at Brodus Clay turning a FACE….

  3. Probably showing my age here, but he looks like a RUN DMC reject!

  4. engleheart21 ….dude, not every superstar should be a badass or a ruthless monster. WWE needs variety. Heck, any kind of TV show for that matter needs variety. I get why you’re pissed about how Brodus turned out, but to be honest, if they went with the whole monster gimmick thing…it would have turned out to be another failure. Heck do you know why guys like The Miz, Del Rio, Morrison and all don’t really stand out that well? Because ALL of them try being monstrous and aggressive and it doesn’t fit with them. The Miz constantly tries being a badass but he looks a joke when he does. 

    I went a bit off the topic here but you get my point.

  5. Now that’s a bit of an overstatement. WCW was the same company that thought Vince Russo and David Arquette were viable Heavyweight Champions. And as far as this goes, I think WWE booked themselves into a corner when they had Brodus Clay scheduled to debut around the same time as Kane.

  6. ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME!!!!! after months of menacing promos….after showing the whole wwe universe that Clay can be a true monster heel….after months of squashing people around…..YOU TURNED INTO THE FUNKASAURUS????   FUNKASAURUS?!?!?!?!?! what the f+ck is going on in WWE!!!!!!!!   the only guy that man-handled the whole competition in NXT… a true promising monster heel, with likes of mark henry….and you turned into the 2012 version of “love machine” Viscera?!?!?!?!  i’ll tell you what… instead of Val Venis… why don’t you guys get Disco Inferno out of retirement, and make him Funkasaurus’s tag team partner!!! you could even make a feud against Air-boom for the tig titles!!!!

    my god!!!! Creative nowadays is making WCW storylines and gimmicks look like GOD!!!!

    • You clearly have no sense of humor or you started watching wrestling some time after 2002. Either way, you don’t see how well this could work for WWE and the fans. I think it’s funny as hell.

      • you know what the problem is??? if you hire a guy… and make his gimmick funny from the beginning…like simon dean or eugene… that’s ok… he’s destined to be funny.. or to be a clown….. but when you take such a great monster heel, or at least a menacing wrestler, like viscera, or brodus clay…and you turn them into the Love Machine.. or the Funkasaurus….that’s bullcrap…and now i think of santino marella….the guy was a badass russian before arriving at WWE…he kicked asses wherever he goes…he was a freaking machine!!…and now he’s santino!!!!

        • Badass Russian?? :O

          • boris alexiev..check him out….

            • Would you have Borris whatshisface or Santino on Raw every week? I’d gladly take Santino. Borris, Vladmir, what’s the diff?

              • i would prefer boris alexiev 1000 times… at least you have a focused and respectful wrestler.. instead of a f+ckin clown used only as a jobber….tell me you something…. would you prefer the team of Vladimir Kozlov, with the JOKE of santino as his partner…. or you prefer the ruthless Russian that kozlov was, accompanied with Boris Alexiev, which gimmick was as ruthless as Kozlov!!! 

              • don’t forget about something….this past months (and i dare to say year and a half or more)…WWE main objective was to reborn, to take advantage once and for all of the potential that young wrestlers have… and to stop with the monotonous crap of “same old sh*t” type of champions…(if cena is not WWE champ… HHH is… and if he’s not… edge was… and if he’s not.. cena was again…)

                guy that really had potential got fired….. and you gonna tell me that guys like santino.. or the new Funkasaurus are going to  shake things up????  they’re only going to make WWE a freaking circus!!, Jobberland!!

        • I’ve seen Boris Alexiev and let me tell you, it did not fit Santino. Santino looks goofy, has a fantastic sense of humor plus perfect timing and mic skill. Why waste that by making him a boring ex-military Russian badass or warmonger or whatever? Maybe they need to give him room to showcase his in-ring technique more, but make him a merciless Russian? Give me a break.

          • ok… i respect that… but if so… don’t make him a freaking clown!!! in that case do what you did with zack ryder…..you made him a jobber with a gimmick worth of being a ridiculous, and a catchphrase even more ridiculous (Wo wo wo you know it)….but you take advantage of his whole potential… and now not only he’s US champ… but his catchphrase is more popular that cena’s “u can’t see me”…..that’s not what they’re doing with the funkasaurus or santino marella…. 

          • ok… i respect that… but if so… don’t make him a freaking clown!!! in that case do what you did with zack ryder…..you made him a jobber with a gimmick worth of being a ridiculous, and a catchphrase even more ridiculous (Wo wo wo you know it)….but you take advantage of his whole potential… and now not only he’s US champ… but his catchphrase is more popular that cena’s “u can’t see me”…..that’s not what they’re doing with the funkasaurus or santino marella…. 

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