Superstars Of SmackDown! : Christian’s Boring Return, Kingston Soars High, Kane’s Challenge, Sheamus Underperforms, and More!

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Superstars Of SmackDown! : Christian's Boring Return, Kingston Soars High, Kane's Reasons, Sheamus Underperforms, and More!

Welcome to the first edition of Layin’ the Smackdown on SmackDown! Each Friday we will review the performance of every superstar who participated in SmackDown and give them a graded rating. As avid followers of World Wrestling Entertainment we expect high quality – therefore our reviews may be seen as negative or harsh… this is why we’re layin’ the Smackdown on SmackDown!


Tonight’s show opened with Christian’s return to WWE SmackDown! after being sidelined since November with an ankle injury. However, the return of Captain Charisma turned out to be nothing but a disappointment. He immediately began the Peep Show by inviting Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis to the ring, beginning a long and repetitive promo that eventually concluded with Christian joining Team Johnny for the 12 man tag team match at Wrestlemania.  Christian later interfered in the match between David Otunga and Kofi Kingston in an attempt to give his teammate Otunga the upper hand, but instead resulted in him being ejected from ringside.

Christian’s return held so much promise, and as a big fan of the two-time World Heavyweight Champion I expected so much more. He failed to make me laugh and didn’t even make a return to the ring. Instead, the only pop he received from the crowd was when he was ejected, which proved to be quite an anti-climactic end to Christian’s night. Hopefully next week will see a bigger show from Christian with in ring action and a better promo.

Superstar rating: C -

John Laurinaitis:

The Raw General Manager fails to entertain me at the best of times, and tonight was no exception. Laurinaitis stood awkwardly in the ring during Christian’s promo, before guaranteeing Captain Charisma a title shot in exchange for his commitment to helping Team Johnny triumph at Wrestlemania.

Once again Johnny was the most boring and uncharismatic person on the whole show and I just hope that his team will be defeated by Team Teddy at Wrestlemania so we never have to see another Laurinaitis promo again!!

Superstar rating: D -

Theodore Long:

Teddy was the most exciting man taking part in the Peep Show – despite his limited mic time – proving to be an entertaining and charismatic GM. He also lined up what proved to be the match of the night, David Otunga vs. Kofi Kingston.

Superstar rating: C +

David Otunga:

Otunga reminded me why I love to watch WWE; a big, powerful, and athletic superstar, able to move gracefully around the ring and work well with Kofi Kingston to create an entertaining match.
I would like to see someone like Otunga moved up the card in future nights, as he has the potential to become a future Brock Lesnar or Batista type with good mic skills.

He provided this match with the most exciting moment of the night when he removed his belt and attempted to use it as a weapon. However, he was outsmarted by Santino Marella, allowing Kofi Kingston to capitalize with a Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Superstar Rating: B -

Kofi Kingston:

Kofi Kingston wrestled with speed and excitement and he had me on the edge of my seat from the outset of his bout with Otunga. Boasting a variety of high flying and exciting moves, he provided the audience with a match which was worthy of mid-card status as opposed to the impromptu show opener that it was.

It was lucky that this match entertained, as the build up for the 12 man tag match (although quite an exciting prospect) had been pretty poor up until this point. Kofi showed why he deserves a title shot – and considering the World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan’s lack of talent and charisma, I don’t see how  SmackDown!! could do any worse with their champion.

Superstar rating: B +

Santino Marella:

Santino accompanied Kofi to the ring but really didn’t add anything to the match between Otunga and Kingston other than the brief tussle with Otunga that lead to Christian’s ejection. Which leads me to ask why he even bothered coming down to ringside…Someone should have given this bloke the night off…

Superstar rating: C -


AJ won an important match tonight against Nikki Bella which guaranteed her a Diva Title opportunity. While the match wasn’t particularly exciting, it was good to see this young hot diva getting a push towards the Divas title. Although it may be a bit too obvious that her relationship with Daniel Bryan is going to head south, past instances of WWE divas with heel boyfriends have always seemed to end the same way.

Superstar Rating: C +

Nikki Bella:

Diva twins hold so much promise… but in this PG era we don’t see the same ‘side’ of the divas that we did back in the days of Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson. Nikki showed glimpses of skill within the ring, but didn’t really get the opportunity to put on an entertaining match and show off her entire repertoire

Superstar Rating: C

Daniel Bryan:

It was obvious that the WWE were pushing to make tonight Daniel Bryan’s night, with the World Heavyweight Champion ensuring his girlfriend gained a title shot, as well as costing his Wrestlemania opponent Sheamus a victory against Chris Jericho. If we were to accept SmackDown!! as an unscripted evening of chaos and competition then Bryan did indeed have himself a terrific night, however from an entertainment standpoint he only ruined what could have been a great main event and took away from AJ’s victory – which could have included a celebratory strip… But because of her boofhead boyfriend, we’ll never know….

I hope to see Bryan knocked off his throne in Miami, because it’s sad to see someone with such limited charisma as the World Heavyweight Champion. That being said, however, it may be saying something  about his talents as a heel that he is able to draw this much dislike from me, although I don’t quite see it…

Superstar Rating: B

Cody Rhodes:

Cody Rhodes competed in one of the least entertaining matches in recent memory when he defeated the Great Khali. It was a dull match with a dull finish, which had me wanting to leave the room with boredom. They really need to give Cody’s character a bigger push, because while he has all the potential to be an exciting and top card wrestler, facing opponents like the Great Khali in farcical matches isn’t doing him any favours.

Superstar rating: C -

Great Khali:

Watching Khali waddle around the ring made me wonder how this man ever managed to win a World Heavyweight Championship…. Maybe it’s time WWE moved on the Punjabi Playboy.

Superstar rating: D+

Randy Orton:

Thank goodness for Randy Orton. Once again The Viper showed why he has been the dominating face of WWE for the last eight years. While it was disappointing we didn’t get to see Randy in competition tonight he did a good job in building the feud with the Big Red Machine.  I am really looking forward to this match at Wrestlemania.

Superstar rating: C+


Kane finally gave everyone closure about why he has been perusing Randy Orton… and his reason was almost as good as the one he had for Cena.  Kane showed a clip from SmackDown! last year, in which Kane had shaken Orton’s hand after he won the match… Kane claimed that he is now seeking closure from that time when he showed a humanistic side that no longer exists. Kane then challenged Randy Orton to a match at Wrestlemania a welcome addition to an already promising line up.

Superstar rating: C+

Drew McIntyre:

Just one week after John Laurinaitis signed Drew McIntyre to a SmackDown!! contract, Teddy Long wasted no time in putting him one on one with the World’s Largest Athlete, The Big Show. Show dominated from the outset, which didn’t make for the most entertaining of matches. However, it was a fitting end with the referee had to call for the bell (just as he had done in McIntyre’s match against Hornswoggle last week) after McIntyre had been knocked out by a massive WMD.

Superstar Rating: C-

Big Show:

The Big Show did a job tonight and nothing more. It would have been nice to have seen the plot thicken with Cody and Show – however Cody Rhodes rubbing his chin after watching Big Show’s match made him look like he was up to something…

Superstar Rating: C

Mark Henry:

Mark Henry demolished Tatsu quickly and effectively, which was good because I had no interest in watching Henry bumble around the ring against a poor opponent.

Superstar Rating: C

Yoshi Tatsu:

Yoshi showed tonight why he needs a little more time wrestling the undercard and gaining some sort of personality. I had no desire to watch his match, and who could believe that it was the second last match of the night? Instead it was the third poor match in a row…

Superstar Rating: D+

Chris Jericho:

Had Jericho one his match fair and square tonight he would have definitely been in the running for superstar of the night… Prior to his match with Sheamus he refused to apologise to CM Punk about the comments he had made about his alcoholic father. Instead calling the WWE champion CM Drunk. I found this promo to be the funniest and best promo of the evening and it reminded me exactly why Jericho is the King of the World!

His match was just as exciting, bringing back the execution of moves which he possessed during the Attitude era. However, he was held back by his hopeless opponent Sheamus, who is almost as exciting to watch as a Josh Matthews interview. This match again held so much potential, but it was ruined by a boring count out finish.

Superstar rating: B


Sheamus showed tonight why he only deserves to be an Intercontinental championship wrestler at this point in his career, facing the wily veteran that is Chris Jericho and being overmatched in terms of both in ring ability and entertainment value.

Superstar Rating: C

Match of the night:
Kofi Kingston vs. David Otunga

Superstar of the night:
Kofi Kingston

Overall, SmackDown! held enormous potential and seriously let me down this evening. With names like Jericho, Orton, Kane, Christian, Big Show, Sheamus, Mark Henry and Rhodes making appearances, the fans deserved a far higher quality show. The SmackDown! roster contains plenty of excitement and talent, and I just hope that the WWE writers can turn it around next week on the eve of the Granddaddy of ‘em all.

SmackDown! rating: C



  1. I kinda like how it’s very critical, and just because some guys are main eventers doesn’t mean they get an A or B automatically. The concept is cool.

  2. Kane a C+? Guys, the fact that he just sold a ‘out of the blue’ feud that no one was interested in, and then made it interesting with less than 5 minutes of mic time, that’s an A in my book.

  3. Good read, but the fact that you actually credit David Otunga as one of your reasons for liking WWE makes me rethink your standards for quality. Otunga is a joke. Plain and simple. I’m not sure if I can trust anyone who happens to think his wrestling skills is “graceful”. Unless you can care to elaborate? 

  4. You’re really hit and miss here. And although a divas title match was implied, it’s not guaranteed. It was a “possible” title match if she won. Just to clear the air. Finding Teddy Long entertaining and not Sheamus makes your perception seem a little bit off though.

    • I actually agree with Gav and Poosh (are those your real names guys??) on this one. Teddy has been dishing out some pretty solid mic time lately. The same can’t be said for Sheamus. Anti-bullying persona? Really, Sheamus? Really?

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