Santino Marella “Beware The Cobra” Wallpaper

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Santino Marella "Beware The Cobra" Wallpaper

Beware The Venomous Wrath of….Santino!!
We’ve had many great “reptilian” superstars on the WWE roster. Go way back to the 80′s and early 90′s and you’ll find the original snake, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, master of psychological warfare and mentor to The Undertaker himself. Fast forward to the mid 90′s and you have Stone Cold Steve Austin, also known as the Texas Rattlesnake for his roughneck attitude and brutally sudden Stone Cold Stunner. And then there’s the cold and calculative Randy Orton, who is fittingly called The Viper not just for his merciless nature but also for of his swift, debilitating RKO. But now, there’s one more superstar on that list who has looked the serpent in the eye and claimed its namesake, and it’s none other than The Cobra himself….Santino Marella!

Hey, if it works, why not keep using it right? Santino has been on somewhat of a winning high lately, and it’s all thanks to the green goofy-looking “arm-sock” that he has patented as ‘The Cobra’. And it’s pretty effective, mind you. The Cobra’s strike has taken out dozens of superstars already, who after being whacked on the neck suddenly find themselves being pinned and defeated by Santino Marella. Call it the modern-say Mr. Socko (or the Mandible Claw if you’re really old-school) if you will.

And I’m not complaining. Santino puts on a damn good show whenever he’s in the ring. It’s awesome so see him perform because he tells a great story when he’s in there. If you missed watching him take Orton’s spot in the Elimination Chamber this past February, go watch it, seriously. It’s probably my favorite Santino match to date, in-line with the Battle Royal he had on SmackDown! to win the spot in said Chamber. Now, there’s a group of people that don’t like Santino because he’s way too comedic and say he can’t be taken seriously, therefore he has no place being in main-events. To that I say, if you’re looking for seriousness in pro-wrestling, you’re obviously watching the wrong program. This industry was made famous by Hulk Hogan for God’s sake…a balding blonde who wears yellow tights, sports a macho-mustache, and did 3 moves for years in a row to win every match. That isn’t the goofy part. The goofy part is that he’s still doing it.

I’ve sidetracked a little.

Anyway, there hasn’t been a Santino wallpaper here before and I really wanted to have one up. The guy hosts a pretty cool show on YouTube called Foreign Exchange, he’s the current United States Champion, and he has been putting on some entertaining stuff in and out of the ring for the last few years. What better time to have The Cobra in a wallpaper than now, right? I wanted to go with an old-school Kung-Fu movie poster vibe too. A couple of hours of work, some mixing and matching, and what you have here is a very cool-looking wallpaper, if I say so myself. Thanks to VKM and WCFR for that hi-res image of Santino. It made this wallpaper possible.

Download away….before someone strikes you with that devastating Cobra! ;)


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