First & Exclusive : WWE Over The Limit 2012 Poster (Normal and Wide) feat. Randy Orton!

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First & Exclusive : WWE Over The Limit 2012 Poster (Normal and Wide) feat. Randy Orton!

You know what’s cool? Getting to see WWE posters way before they become available anywhere else. And that’s exactly we have for you lucky folk right here! Thanks to VKM, you guys and girls can now have an Exclusive First Look at the poster for Over The Limit 2012 featuring none other than the man who will take on Kane at WrestleMania 28, Randy Orton! Check out the poster after the jump.

Now, is this poster the definition of creativity? Not really. Orton’s head and hands look out of proportion to his body; he kinda’ looks like a caricature of himself. But it isn’t a bad poster either. It’s bright, it catches stares, and it has arguably the company’s #2 guy on it. I won’t be surprised if Orton is still feuding with Kane during this time, I only ask that the feud picks up and takes both men to their limits. No Holds Barred at Extreme Rules, and maybe a Last Man Standing at Over The Limit. Is that too much to ask?

WWE Over The Limit is live on pay-per-view on May 20, 2012.



  1. can i get only the background

  2. cccccccoooooooooooolllllllllll

  3. ill never understand this watermark thing.. i mean kudos to VKM for being one of the few people who get those press kits, youre the man, but why post them at all if we cant “use” them?

  4. how can we get this picture without the w-c-f-r across it?


  6. obviously his hand and head look out of proportion, his hand is closer to the lens -__-’
    lol @141a0d1146f60aa3b01173fd6b9244f2:disqus haters gonna hate :D

  7. Cool!!!

  8. Wonder why WWE doesn’t use more than one superstar on a poster? :|  Except WrestleMania of course.

    But as always RKO on a poster is always better than a lot of people. No Cena, then it’s awesome.

  9. Yeah, the glossiness of this poster is awesome, but Orton’s pose is weird.

  10. rad poster!! even though Orton’s head looks totally out of place!

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