Brock Lesnar “The Beast Is Back!” Wallpaper

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Brock Lesnar "The Beast Is Back!" Wallpaper

The Beast, The Freak, The Anomaly Has Returned! 
Oh man, where do I even start with this post? This whole thing has such a surreal vibe to it, that even trying to digest the fact that Brock Lesnar is back is difficult to do. I never thought I’d see the day when Lesnar would be back on a long-term basis to unleash his brute dominance on the WWE roster. Sure, I knew he’d be back for a one-off stint at WrestleMania…but this is something else entirely. Last Monday on Raw, Brock Lesnar returned to a white-hot Miami crowd and delivered a landscape-altering F5 to none other than John Cena. All I have to say is “Yes!!” Things are about to get very ugly, very soon.

I decided to keep away from the dirt-sheets a week before WrestleMania 28, so I was pretty clueless about how close Brock and WWE  had become in that one week. Of course, it’s difficult to not hear rumblings, so I heard through the grapevine that he may have signed a contract with Vince. I figured this would be an awesome surprise if the suspense was protected, so I decided not to dig deeper. Just knowing Brock Lesnar could be in the building on Monday night set an ominous tone for Raw, which was pretty cool to begin with. Knowing that the beast was coming created an intense aura. The crowd in Miami was fantastic. The chants for Lesnar were loud enough to blow the roof off. They created a ruckus, simmering hot atmosphere that was worthy of Brock Lesnar’s return to his roots.

The best part about his return was that even though almost everyone in the crowd was almost certain he was behind those curtains, they went ape-s**t crazy and delivered a resounding pop when his music actually did start playing and out came the F5-armed machine himself. It was a fantastic comeback. I’ve read a lot of articles lately about how it would have been so much more fun if WWE guarded this secret better, but I disagree. I think knowing at the back of your mind that Lesnar himself could be in the same arena as Monday Night Raw set the tone perfectly for his comeback. It created anticipation and restlessness, with translated insanely well through the Miami crowd.

So what happens now? Chaos, I guess. Brock Lesnar was one of my favorite superstars back up to 2004 when he left. Even when he defeated some of my childhood favorites, I didn’t find myself hating him. He was a worthy opponent. His unique combination of speed, strength, and the drive to unleash carnage made him a frightening force to deal with. You either bucked-up and looked Lesnar in the eye, or you flinched and found yourself swirling in the air thanks to a monstrous F5. That move, by the way, is a work of art. I’d put it as my all-time favorite finisher next to the RKO. And seeing as Brock hasn’t lost his touch, I’d say a lot of people are going to get hurt if they don’t find a way around this.

Brock is a machine. He’s dangerous, he’s brutal, and he knows his way around the ring. He is, without a doubt, a threat to the locker room…and that’s awesome.

It’s been a crazy year for WWE. I knew The Rock would be leaving for a while so yeah, I was bummed out. I was hoping for WWE to do something big to keep people interested. And holy s**t did they do just that. Brock Lesnar has sent a message to John Cena. I suppose he’s gunning for others, too. The big question is, who will he face at WrestleMania 29? Will it be the Phenom himself, The Undertaker? Will Stone Cold Steve Austin come out to retirement to go toe to toe with the Beast once and for all? Or will it be The People’s Champion who finds himself staring into the face of the one he considers his last big opponent before John Cena came along? Only time will tell. Until then, check out this epic new wallpaper featuring none other than The Beast, The Freak, The Anomaly…Brock Lesnar! Hi-res image courtesy of VKM, so a ‘thank you’ is due. Download and enjoy, guys! Personally, I can’t wait to see what happens next week on Raw. Things are going to get nasty, that’s for sure.


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