AJ Lee “YZARC” Wallpaper

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AJ Lee "YZARC" Wallpaper

Dno’t Clal Her Czray.
AJ is one of those rare Divas in WWE who has managed to step out of the confines of being trapped in the failing Divas division and venture into the male-dominated leagues of the business. She has had one heck of a meteoric rise and now stands as the Raw General Manager. Wow. Who would have thunk, huh?

The good part about all this is that she’s extremely popular with the fans. Her entire ordeal with Daniel Bryan which turned into a whirlpool involving Kane and CM Punk towards the end was one of the best scenarios I’ve seen in WWE in a long time. It was compelling and interesting and exciting and I’d tune in every week just to find out how it would progress. AJ’s one helluva Diva. Going completely loony-bin was the best thing that ever happened to her!

What I like about this whole thing though, is the fact that WWE took a step towards the more dignified direction and made someone like AJ into a staple name on weekly WWE programming. AJ has more screentime than most of the guys on the roster, and she’s not even what people would call “WWE’s typecast Diva”. And that’s a good thing!

Normally you’d see WWE rise the buxom blonde to the top just because they’d be on a magazine cover or two, but in this case, it’s good to see that WWE has moved away from that 1950′s mentality and opened their collective eyes to recognize real talent. I’m not saying AJ isn’t beautiful or can’t sell a magazine cover, because she most definitely is and sure as hell can, I’m just saying it’s nice to see someone who doesn’t look like a shopping mall mannequin take WWE’s top-female position for once. AJ looks cool, she’s trendy, she’s hip, she’s natural and pretty and best of all, she’s a huge fan of the business. Kudos to WWE for taking notes and acknowledging real talent every once in a while. ;)

With AJ being in power and all, I thought it’d be a great time for a brand new (and first ever) AJ Lee wallpaper. I’m really keen to see where her role as GM takes her and how it’ll allow her to interact with every other interesting character on the roster. Hopefully WWE continues to play it smart and not just fizzle out on this like they do in a lot of other scenarios. When the time comes for AJ to step down as GM, it’ll be great to see her tackle different and equally exciting roles.

Check out this brand new wallpaper of AJ Lee titled “YZARC”, for all the right reasons. Download and enjoy, all!


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  1. LoL?! tragedy, where is wallpapers really wrestlers Randy Orton, Sheamus, Triple H, Brock lesnar, no aj….

    • Last time I checked AJ was way more interesting than the ‘real wrestlers’ you listed.

      This wallpaper is CARZY good!

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