WWE TLC 2011 Predictions : Kane at TLC, Triple H’s Match Bound To Suck, CM Punk’s Championship Reign, John Cena’s Role, and More!

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WWE TLC 2011 Predictions : Kane at TLC, Triple H's Match Bound To Suck, CM Punk's Championship Reign, John Cena's Role, and More!

So here we are, at the final WWE PPV of 2011. It kinda sucks when time flies so fast, but then again it means we’re inching closer and closer to WrestleMania 28. Come January, we’ll be kicking-off the road to the Rumble, probably the most anticipated WWE event next to ‘Mania itself. But first, we’ll have to go through this chaos-promising PPV, known only as TLC. Will Kane bring Hellfire & Brimstone to the show? Will Punk lose the title? And *gasp!!*…what if John Cena isn’t on this PPV at all? Will the WWE crumble under the non-presence of everyone’s favorite poster-boy?


Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

Let me be honest. I want Orton to lose this match. Not because I don’t like him, but because more people need to rise to the ranks of John Cena and Randy Orton, and the only way for that to happen is if Orton loses a few matches. I like Wade Barrett a lot, I think he’s a really good superstar both in the ring and on the mic, and if given a proper shot he could deliver pretty good angles for years to come. So if I were a traditional fan I’d want Orton to win, but if my head is in the right place, I’m thinking Barrett’s going to steal one here and continue with the Barrett Barrage. It isn’t the best of storylines, but it’ll get better if given the right push.

Chances Of Winning :

Wade Barrett: 60%
Randy Orton : 40%


Cody Rhodes (c) vs Booker T (Intercontinental Championship)

I seriously don’t understand this booking. There are a ton of potential Intercontinental contenders on the SmackDown! roster, but for some reason Creative found it necessary to pull a commentator into the mix. Yeah sure, Booker T was once a wrestler and all that, big deal. I never really liked Booker T when he was doing in-ring work. Half of his matches were okay at best, and the rest made me want to shave the hair off my arms with a piece of glass. Because that way I’d be able to feel something other than suffering the numbness of his matches. Buy hooray, he’s back, and now I’m thinking I wish he was back doing commentary because at least that was (unintentionally) hilarious.

Oh, I think Cody’s going to win and leave Booker T in a pool of his own humiliation. Sorry, Booker fans. So Spinaroonies tonight.

Chances Of Winning :

Cody Rhodes (c): 80%
Booker T : 20%


Big Show vs Mark Henry (World Heavyweight Championship)

I’m not sure how this happened, but the steam in this rivalry has completely run out. It was entertaining up to Survivor Series, but I think Big Show’s vicious attack on Henry’s tree-trunk sized leg should have been the capping-off point of this feud. For some reason, nobody seems to care anymore. I think the switch happened when WWE were confused as to whether Henry was a babyface or a heel a couple of weeks ago when he had the Cage Match with Daniel Bryan. Remember that? Right now I say these guys have an almost equal shot at taking home the prize, but I’m going to give Henry the extra points just because I think it makes more sense for him to hold on to the title…for now.

Chances Of Winning :

Big Show : 40%
Mark Henry (c) : 60%


Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Zack Ryder (United States Championship)

Woo Woo Woo! Fans are saying it’s now or never for Zack Ryder. Truth be told, I don’t think it’s like that. Zack could end up losing this thing and still be as popular. It’s simple pro-wrestling psychology. The underdog gets cheered more when he’s struggling to the top. Once at the top, the cheer normally lessens and fans move to the next underdog. It’s not easy being an underdog-champion. Very few have succeeded. Shawn Michaels comes to mind as one of those guys who was an underdog all the way, champion or not. So this could work both ways for Ryder. If he wins, great. He’ll be US Champ and Ziggler goes on to bigger and better things. If Ryder loses, great. He remains as popular, is still the underdog, and lives to fight another day.

Chances Of Winning :

Zack Ryder : 50%80%
Dolph ZIggler : 50%20%



Triple H vs Kevin Nash (Ladder Match)

The very notion of this match makes me cringe. I like Triple H. I always figured he’d be the guy from the Attitude Era to stick around when even the most elite have put their boots to rest. But because of politics friendship, Kevin Nash got thrown into the picture and Triple H took the fastest fall into “Has-Been Land” that I have ever seen. I think only a handful of people are even interested in watching this mess take place. Nash is in no shape to wrestle let alone attempt to climb a damn ladder, and because of that Triple H will have to pretend to slump his way through the match as well. I’m betting this will be slow, brutish, forcefully violent, and boring for the most part. Triple H is going to end up winning. For some reason a Sledgehammer is hanging high above the ring like it’s some mythological weapon. Simple physics will tell you that a ladder to the face can potentially cause more harm, but since Creative isn’t very intelligent and apparently neither are Triple H or Kevin Nash, they’ll use the more effective weapon as a stepping-stone to get to the less-effective weapon instead. Makes sense…if you’re a drunk chimpanzee.

Chances Of Winning :

Triple H : 70%

Kevin Nash : 30%


CM Punk (c) vs Alberto Del Rio vs The Miz (TLC WWE Championship Match)

Brutal honesty incoming! Alberto Del Rio has absolutely no chance of winning back that WWE Championship. Not now anyway. The Miz, slight chance. If John Cena miraculously gets thrown into the mix, he has a big chance of winning, and keeping, that WWE Championship up to WrestleMania 28. Otherwise, all odds are in CM Punk’s favor. If the rumored return of Chris Jericho is at hand, then Punk will hold on to that title in order to defend it against Mr.2 January 2012. Expect CM Punk do deliver during this match.

Chances Of Winning :

CM Punk : 85%

Alberto Del Rio : 0%

The Miz : 15%

Kane and John Cena at TLC?

Since Kane made an epic comeback on Raw, will he be at TLC? What about John Cena? Here’s what I think :

[1] John Cena gets thrown into the WWE Championship main event. Boring decision, but it could happen.
[2]  John Cena gets put into a match against Kane. Awesome decision
[3] John Cena confronts Kane and gets another Chokeslam…probably. Awesome segment.
[4] John Cena gets a role in the US Championship match, and Kane shows up for his own segment. Not too bad.


So what do you think? Leave your opinions below and let me know what you think!



  1. triple h can win the match
    ho yeh

  2. triple h can win the match
    ho yeh

  3. i rekon kane might cost mark henry the WHC.

  4. i think big show is winning and barrett will defeat orton because wade barrett has a good chance to get a shot for the world heavyweight championship and as everyone knows: a championship match is at 99% between heel and face
    i like orton but he wins too often so i think its barrett vs big show at royal rumble

  5. I say Big Show might take the Title because he has been feuding with Henry for months now but Henry keeps retaining the Title. Maybe Henry will take back the title sometime soon, but I’m going Big Show on this one. Maybe Daniel Bryan will play a big role here.

    But like you said, the interest in this match has dropped severely. This rivalry needs to end at TLC.

  6. Cena as special guest referee for US championship is possible

  7. I think it’s gonna be 1 or 4
    All I care about is another chokeslam to Cena lols

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