Stone Cold Steve Austin Returns For One More Match. Could It Really Happen?

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WWE Backstage : Stone Cold Steve Austin Returns For One More Match

2012 will turn out to be a massive year for WWE regardless of how WrestleMania 28 turns out. The event alone will set the benchmark for ‘historic’ matches within the company. On one side you have The Rock making a monumental comeback to face-0ff against the biggest superstar of the current generation, John Cena. But on the other hand, there’s a strong possibility that The Rock’s equal counterpart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, may lace-up his boots for one final round of ass-whoopin in Miami, Fl. If you want to know why I think Stone Cold will have One More Match, gimme’ a Hell Yeah! Or…you could just read more after the jump.


Triple H and Shane McMahon Get Stunnered

It is all but confirmed that The Undertaker has quietly, and unofficially, retired. There’s a huge possibility that the Deadman will have his final match next year at the Grandest Stage Of Them All, and proudly walk into the sunset with a 20-0 blazing above him. Then there’s The Rock vs John Cena, arguably the biggest match since The Rock vs Hulk Hogan. It’s Icon vs Icon. It’s the stuff legends are made of. No matter how the match turns out, it will become the ‘image’ of WrestleMania for years to come. With all these historic matches taking place and Attitude Era superstars returning for one final go-round in the ring, it’s very possible that WWE and Stone Cold could be working on a deal to have the Texas Rattlesnake ‘whoop someone’s ass backwards’ next year.

Hulk Hogan challenged Austin last week via the Internet, stating that he noticed Austin gearing-up for something big in the near future. And it’s true. While I’m almost certain Austin will never want to end his career with Hulk Hogan, the Texas Redneck has definitely been different lately. He was active on WWE programming thanks to Tough Enough, he’s showing some of that “roughneck” attitude that we haven’t seen for a while now, and when he hosted Raw a couple of weeks ago as the Special Guest GM, he literally owned the place and ‘toughened-up’ on the superstars. Add to this list the fact that Austin is in terrific shape, I’d say someone’s really, really hellbent on kicking someone’s backside next year. Maybe it’s the fact that The Rock is back for more, or maybe it’s just Austin itching to feel that adrenaline again. Either way, it’s great news for the fans!

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Undertaker WrestleMania 28Now before anyone starts a debate on why he can’t make a comeback at Summerslam or make a long-term comeback, lets be honest with ourselves. Austin has achieved everything he had set out to achieve in the business. There’s just no competition for him anymore. There’s no reason for him to go out and beat on kids half his age to prove a point. That doesn’t make him Austin, it only makes him a bully. It’s also why guys like The Undertaker feud against superstars with similar resumes and / or experience. So if Stone Cold was to have one more match, it should be against someone who has either earned their status in the company OR someone from Austin’s era. This leads me to believe that The Undertaker may have his final match against Stone Cold Steve Austin next year.

It’s a far-fetched idea and one that may never happen, but if you look at the build-up to this event and considering that this may be the final battle for both Austin and Taker, it only makes sense to book something as huge as this. It definitely beats being a Special Referee for a match as ridiculous as Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole, or a lousy Hair vs Hair match between two megalomaniacs, or coming out to deliver a Stunner to harmless comedians like Santino. If Stone Cold decides to strap on the boots and put on the vest, it’s got to be for an epic reason, and I can only think of three scenarios. Either he battles Randy Orton and mirrors the intensity of The Rock vs John Cena, or he battles CM Punk in a ‘dream match’ situation, or he takes on someone who he has built a reputation with for years : The Undertaker. Of course, he could take on guys like Triple H and Chris Jericho but I don’t see that really happening.


Stone Cold Steve Austin Drinks Some Beer


If it’s not the 3 scenarios above, I’d rather not see Austin return. It’s bad enough that he has had some of the stupidest contests with guys like Goldust and The Coach on lackluster PPVs like the now-defunct Cyber Sunday, but making him have a match against someone like Drew McIntyre or Sheamus (not that they’re bad, they’re just not ready to headline yet) will only botch the entire scenario.

Personally I’d love to see Stone Cold go head to head with his arch-nemesis, The Undertaker. It’s safe to say that there is no way The Streak is going to end at this point, so Austin will probably end up losing this battle. There is absolutely no shame in losing to someone like the legendary Undertaker, let alone at WrestleMania in a match for the most coveted winning-streak in sports entertainment. It’ll be a match of epic proportions, one that’ll probably be greater than The Rock vs John Cena in terms of in-ring performance.

In the end though, it’s all up to Austin and if he feels the drive to get back into the ring. If it’s there, great. If it’s not, so be it. If it truly does happen, then WrestleMania 28 will potentially be the greatest WrestleMania of all time.

“And that’s the Bottom Line, Cause’ Stone Cold Said So!”


  1. I Love you austin you are the king of wwe so plz come back and kick some asses plz steve come back plz

  2. plz austin come back at dis coming royal rumble and make it a triple threat match for the wwe tittle against rock and the current champion and prove them that you are the best…and thats the bottom line coz stone cold’s fan said so.;

  3. come back one more night  UNIVERS WWANTS YOU RATTLE SNAKE !!!

  4. oh man, austin coming back for one night would equal the last several years of raw and smackdown together. i dont watch the ppv anymore, but austin coming back i would definately pay to see that! gimme a hell yeah!!!!

  5. Gime aH hELL yEAH

  6. pls come back stone cold pls i m yo big fan since 1995

  7. I think he is going to run both raw and smackdown as a general manager

  8. stone cold should flipping wrestle john cena at wrestlemania 29 and that’s a match to remember

  9.  We all hope that Stone Cold comeback to stop the Undertaker and beat him really it will a great batck for the superstar of all the time

    •  tbh i think stone cold is going to fight lesnar but the rock vs stone cold a 4th time would be my dream match

      • That’s what I’m talking bout Austin and The Rock one last time that would b the best high paid match ever . Or Austin vs triple h cause if u think about it stone cold never beat him it was always some bs behind there match n result triple h cheating . Either I want Austin to come back for at least one yr

  10. this message is straight to vince mcmahon and stone cold steve austin … today when i go in the yahoo and hear that u were making a comeback i said oh hell yeah but when i hear that you will face cm punk at wrestlemania 29 it turn me down cause the match is the worst match u ever fight in steve i been your fans for a long time since 1995 unit now but hear that u going to fight that over rate cm punk it eat me up and sick inside cause cm punk is never and will never be in your level he claims that he the best hell no so i got a question for u cm punk who end wcw nitro it was austin 316 and vince and the rock if it was for them u would even have a job right as a wrestle u probably at the store selling fruit pebbles so pleases steve make the best comeback ever in sports entertainment were u left off a stone cold stunner at wrestlemania 20 u know who i am talking about bill goldberg or undertaker or hulk hogan at wrestlemania 29 now vince make it happen once in your life do it for the fans i would buy front roll ticket to see austin  face any of them so vince what do u said !…. and that the bottom line cause the fans said so 

    • oh hell yeah 

  11. unit 2004  when u left wwe because u were injury and now hear  that u want to  return  for one last match pleases make a wise choice  to make the best match of your life but if u face cm punk at wrestlemania  that the dumbest choice u make cause cm punk is never your level and that match would be the worst come ever by u steve  but if u make the mat between u and bill goldberg or  undertake ad hulk hogan that what all the fans want to see and u make a wise comeback to wwe and that how u make a comeback ever in the wwe history so pleases stonecold  and vince mcmahon make it happen once in your life sorry mine grammar is bad a middle finger to both of u  cause that’s the bottom line cause the fans said so 

  12. this is straight stone cold steve  austin  if u planning on return for one more  match to be honest it hurt me to said this cause i am your fans form 1996 u

  13.  stone cold should come as soon as possible……… becoz all are doing nonsense in ring

    • i want stone cold or jeff hardy to return after wrestle mania

  14. no buddy can defeat stone cold

  15. por q no acen la pelea del año para el proximo wrestlemenia entre the rock  y ston cole steve

  16. steve vs undertaker in wre 28.and break the undertaker streak..Because stone cold said so..

  17. Austin should fight Booker T.

  18. Austin should fight Booker T.

  19. Austin should fight Booker T.

  20. stone cold and the rock

  21. stone cold need to come back for good

  22. or austin and the miz learn him some manners

  23. it shpuld be ausin hulk hogan wm 28 what a match that would be

    • please tell me your joking hogan is a cripple and couldnt wrestle even at his best, just an icon but piss poor wrestler

  24. Stone cold would seriously would rip CM Punk a new ass, come one stomp a mud hole in his ass an walk it dry, there is no match just one giant can of whoop ass no joke..

  25. well probably stone cold wont return next year :P,he would be back in like another year,putting up a match in wrestlemania the rock vs stone cold the finale.Wrestlemania 29,one year isn’t enough to get back in shape,look at the rock he had been playing things and wasn’t in shape even after a year,The Rock would be in shape to wrestle by wrestlemania 28 and Stone cold says that he has 2 years left in him but he isn’t going to wrestle.There two possible ways of his return though

    1- Him fighting punk[the new attitude guy]in wrestlemania 28 

    2- fighting The Rock at wm 29 and putting a end to the mini-attitude era.
    Probably if he follows option 1 we are definitely gonna see the option 2 as well.

  26. As much as i'd love to see austin vs taker, i gotta say the fan inside me wants to see cm punk vs austin instead. Austin taker is a match built on past rivalries. Punk vs austin would be new, fresh, and would bring out a better performance in both men.

  27. you know what i think>> i think it should have been the rock vs taker next year at wrestlemania, and cena could have gone against austin. it's the last match for taker next wm, and he definitely needs someone as big as austin to end his career (not his streak) in a big way. fingers crossed!

    • Rock vs Taker would suck. They don't have much chemistry. Austin vs Taker would be awesome

  28. If Ya Wanna See "Stone Cold'' Steve Austin vs. C.M. Punk, Gimme A Hell YEAH!
    Austin vs. Punk is a 'Dream' Match that Really Needs to Come true!

    • Hell Yeah!!!

    • Hell No!!!!! C.M. Punk is gud and all, but he haven’t earned the spotlight to shine on him against AUSTIN (totally a different era and by far Punk isn’t much liked in the WWE Universe, which Austin has much control over) , as a Stone Cold fan, I would prefer to see Stone Cold Steve Austin Against the Undertaker in W.M29 instead of Punk that has a long way to go to earn that spot with Stone Cold, before he can get a giant can of whoop’ass.

  29. I want to see big show vs cena vs undertaker vs stone cold and special guest ref HBK

  30. stone cold sucks and should stay retired

    • Stone Cold does not suck if u think Austin is 1 hell of a stunner give me a hell ya!

    • I bet this is a 10 year old kid who never saw the attitude era!

      • I agree.

    • Maybe he’s one of those purple pebbles fans… the PG era kids…

    • dont talk about the greatest wrestler of all time you Jackass!

    • dont talk about the greatest wrestler of all time you Jackass!

  31. Steve has fought Undertaker too many times and I dont get why him versus Punk would be a dream match. Other than Twitter I dont see a link between the two. Austin versus Orton is a match made for the ages. Make it happen Vince!

    • Orton is just a kid in terms of experience compared to Austin, Austin vs Undertaker will be a great idea for WM28, They both have brutal pasts, and a very great chemistry when it comes to rivalry… They should settle it one last time…
      And they have one of the greatest rivalry story lines in pro wrestling…

  32. And THAT'S THE TRUTH!!

  33. If the rattlesnake is really going to fight the undertaker at wrestlemania 28 then i'm going to get myself front-row tickets.

  34. I suspected the same thing. Austin looks like he's preparing for something big. He's got that old attitude (no pun intended) back.

    •  Austin is going to fight with bill Goldberg in 2012 Watch bill Goldberg video on youtube and Austin is going to fight with Cm punk In wm 29

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