Sheamus “The Great White Sheamus” Wallpaper

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Sheamus "The Great White Sheamus" Wallpaper

Beware The Great White Sheamus!
I’m glad they went with this nickname for Sheamus. Whoever figured it would be great to relate the Celtic Warrior with something as deadly as a Great White Shark deserves major kudos. And the name fits Sheamus because of the guy’s menacing presence. It’s easy to make fun of his hair and call him a ‘ginger‘ from afar, but up-close, you wouldn’t want to turn your back on someone who could club your chest into oblivion with his bare hands!

Do I like Sheamus’ face-turn? Not so much. I’d like it if he were a Undertaker-esque babyface in the sense that he’s a loner who serves no one but himself, but shares common enemies with the good guys. That would have been way cooler than having to team with other babyfaces every week and smile a lot to please the crowd. Sheamus has all the makings of a monster, and he should remain that way; merciless, self-serving, and highly dangerous.

But since the Irish-born 2x WWE Champion is getting his biggest push in recent memory, I’m not complaining much. It’s way better than having him look like a complete tool in that ridiculous Halloween costume and call himself King Sheamus. Remember that? Yeah, sadly I do too.

I’d love to see Sheamus in a real long-winded rivalry with Wade Barrett. They have this in-ring chemistry that few others have. Given the right angles, Sheamus could turn out to be one of the best things that has ever happened to WWE. He’s got posterboy-potential, he has great in-ring skills, he represents WWE pretty well in major pop-culture events like the recent MTV EMA’s, he’s good on the mic, and he’s related to Beaker! What’s not to like?

It’s been a while since the last Sheamus wallpaper, so lo and behold folks! Major thanks once again to VKM and the guys over at WCFR  for providing us with the image of the Celtic Warrior. Grab this brand new wallpaper that sports Sheamus’ latest nickname right now, and behold the Great White Sheamus on all your screens!


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    • kute aur kitni pics chahiye. it’s not a folder

  2. Nice job :).

  3. Nice job :).

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