Randy “The Viper” Orton Wallpaper

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WWE Randy Orton "The Viper" Wallpaper

Beware The Viper’s Strike!
Everyone’s been talking about Randy Orton lately. His recent win on SmackDown! when he bagged the World Heavyweight Championship off Christian sent the internet wrestling community into a s**tstorm. Orton’s Twitter was flooded with both hate-Tweets and congrats-Tweets, but the general feeling among fans was that Christian should not have been made to face Orton so soon. My question is…”why”?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve wanted Christian to be World Champion for a long time. And I would’ve loved to see him reign that way for at least a couple of months. And obviously, so would Booker T, because he’s been going bonkers on SmackDown! about how Teddy Long should have never made the match that saw Christian lose. But why? If you’re the champion, you’re going to have to defend your title whenever and wherever you’re booked to do so. It’s all about ratings, the fans (or WWE Universe, ehem), and putting on a good show. The match between Orton and Christian was an awesome piece of work. But in the end, The Viper walked home the new World Champion. That is what makes Randy Orton so lethal and so dangerous. He’s the apex predator. He’s quick, he’s smart, he’s strong, and he’s focused. In the end, it’s all about who’s the top-dog and Randy Orton proved that he couldn’t care less about who the champion was. All he needed to be was the champion, and that’s what he is today. And it makes for an interesting angle, also giving Christian the chance to stay in the main-event ranks and possibly capture the championship for the second time, somewhere down the line.

Anyway, I figured it’s the perfect time to have a new Randy Orton wallpaper on the site. Take it as somewhat of a “sequel” to some of his previous wallpapers. You’ll notice the similarities. Fittingly titled “The Viper“, the wallpaper depicts Orton for what he is ; cold, calculating, and one of the deadliest superstars in the history of WWE. Download and decorate, all!

A bunch of “Thank Yous” go out to VKM for the very cool pose of The Viper, Randy Orton.

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  1. r k o

  2. rko rko rko rko rko rko rko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. the viper el mejor aunque t duela marcelo

  4. Thanks guys.. LOVELY WALLPAPER

  5. i m boy ryt nw i actually luv him till death acc. 2 his new apex viper luk nd continuously winning matches nd his pick up mind power is jst freaking                               THATS WT EVERYONE WNTS BRILLIENT TK OFF UR SELF RANDY:::::::;;;;;>>>>>>

  6. Shame about the air brushed arm, if you look close you can see it. love it otherwise.

  7. The new wallpaper looks FANTASTIC,He looks better with the beard

    • john cena fan= no he does not look good with the beard but with hair on his head will look better plus i love john cena more who do you like

      • I LOVE JOHN CENA YEAH U CANT SEE ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • i used to like john when he did movies, loved them and thats when i got more into him, now i love randy :)

  8. Are you a ''The Viper''Randy?Yes you are,Randy.Yes you are.You are ''The Viper''Randy.You are ''The Viper''.You beat Shane McMahon.And also I want to say to you,Randy is that you take him down with the rko.Nice job.I'm very proud of you.Nicely done.

  9. Love the new wallpaper brilliant work plus you gotta love Randy Orton they dont call him the viper for nothing he is the real deal and the best in wwe today

    Orton 4 life RKO!

  10. The thing is that christian seriously needed a major push, quite honestly which wasn't given to him after ECW was shut down. He should've been kept as champion for a couple of months, cuz that would've established him among the top superstars, not that he isnt one, but that would've counted him among the best of the best. I wouldn't have minded if Randy had taken it from him after a couple of months, but maybe the WWE officials thought getting Orto n & Cena both champions on different brands would work wonders for the TRPs. One thing's clear, Christian won't be getting back the championship for a long time now, hands down on this one. Disappointing/too quick, to say the least.

  11. Randy "The Viper" Orton wasn't Kidding about the Re-Match against Former WHC Champion : Christian at WWE: Over The Limit.
    Plus Cena is…Never Saying those 2 Dreadful Words "I Quit!".
    against Former WWE Champion : The Miz!
    I can't stand this "Over the Limit Comeback!".

  12. Hey Dez, can u make the new Cena Never give Up Wallpaper… ?

  13. Wow Dez, very very nice piece of work. Keep it up man.:)

  14. great post

  15. This is seriously one of the coolest wallpapers here at Unchained Wrestling Wallpapers.

  16. thnxz mr.dez a gr8 gr8 wallpaper…………so clarity………nice work………..lov this site ……….n always b there………….thnxz for early update

  17. Wicked! Nice wallpaper man. Btw, Randal looks better this way, the beard gives him a little 'veteran' look which isn't really needed now. Maybe later in his career, but not now.

    But who cares, as long as he's away from Cena, he will have his chance to shine.

  18. FANTASTIC new wallpaper… it just needs a little 'beard' update.

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