Kelly Kelly “Champion” Wallpaper

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WWE Kelly Kelly Divas Champion Wallpaper


Top Diva At Last!

I’m not sure why, but I always thought Kelly Kelly was a former Divas Champion. So it was pretty weird for me when on Raw they said she finally grabbed the championship and is now the top Diva in the company. Maybe it’s because I figured she would have won the title a long time ago, or maybe it’s just that the Divas Championship has changed hands so many times with such little hype that I didn’t really pay attention.

That being said, I think Kelly Kelly (the one so nice they named her twice) will do a fine job at bringing some much-needed hype to the title. Yeah she isn’t really the in-ring technician, but she’s a blonde bombshell that looks like she was manufactured at the Barbie Doll factory, which is exactly what WWE looks for in their Diva-league champions. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing and I’m not saying it applies for all situations (Kharma is one exception, Chyna another), but it’s how WWE likes to portray its women’s division.

All that aside, it’s cool that Kelly Kelly is the Divas Champion. Congrats are in order. As much as you’d like to support the lesser-known Divas, you have to admit that Kelly does a great job at staying in the spotlight. And she has improved quite a bit since her earlier days, so that’s a plus-point. Overall, Kelly Kelly is an amazing Diva and I think she’s gonna’ do the division a favor by bringing something new to it.

A bunch of major “thank yous” go out to VKM and Cenaviper via WCFR for this awesome hi-res image of the new WWE Divas Champion, Kelly Kelly. There’s no better time for this wallpaper and to celebrate Kelly’s victory last week for all you Kelly Kelly fans out there! Grab your resolution right now and put the appropriately-titled “Champion” wallpaper on all your screens!


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  1. Your the hottest girl of wwe history your hot

  2. kelly kelly is very sexy

  3. kelly is the hottest  diva superstar in the world i have got all her fotos (i am 11 years old) and (i am from georgia)

    • ur a bastrad

    • im Kelly kelly’s Biggest fan UR NOT P.S IM 21 ND I LIKE CENA TO 

  4. მე მინდა კელისთან სექსი

  5. trish stratus is very ……………………………………… wrestler she has ability to……………………. booooo..

  6. cena is best wrestler than rock,undertaker,brock listner, goldburg, because has power to defeat any one or any where 

  7. I came to play!!!Mama of!And kelly-kelly is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anoop
    I think Kelly Kelly so hot & sexy superstar…………..
    Kelly Kelly looking so gorgeous……………….
    I think best superstar of girls championship………………..

  9. Kelly Kelly was never divas champion this is her 1st time do u people watch WWE or what???

  10. Thanks for the feedback Katrer, glad you like it.

    Actually I did intend for it to be a little simple, Diva wallpapers are a little tricky tho, sometimes more of the diva and less going on around is better. :)

  11. Great wallapaper…she's so sexy

  12. Hot Wallpaper dez.
    I would love to see a new CM Punk Wallpaper soon, i hope u can do that :)

  13. you just wasted your time with this,
    we need some Zack Ryder & Wade Barrett wallpapers NOW!!

    • What? We dont need a wallpaper of Ryder or Barrett! We need one of The Miz.

  14. it looks great…dez
    she deserves a divas title..
    thx…for this wallpaper

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