John Cena “Never Give Up” Wallpaper III

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WWE John Cena "Never Give Up" Wallpaper 3

The Champ Is Here!

John Cena is the WWE Champion again. If you’re a Cena fan, good for you because your hero is once again the top superstar (alongside Randy Orton) in WWE. For those who are against the red-clad warrior, it’s better if you learn to live with it because you’re going to be seeing Cena hold that championship for a looooong time. Lets say, till WrestleMania 28 next year in Miami Florida!

Lets assume that Cena does drop the belt somewhere down the line, be assured that he’ll win it before he heads into the biggest match of his career against The Rock on the Grandest Stage of Them All. If you think about it, there are not many people on the Raw roster who are major opponents for Cena at the moment. Orton’s over on SmackDown!, more focused on retaining his own championship, whereas guys like Triple H and The Undertaker are on indefinite hiatus…some even say officially retired. If you think R-Truth is going to beat Cena anytime soon, you have got to be kidding yourself. Remember that John Cena may be destined to beat The Rock (although I really hope The Rock wins), one of the most iconic superstars in WWE history, so I doubt WWE will have R-Truth of all people beat Cena first. If it does happen, it’ll be a “fluke” thanks to a Scramble or Fatal-4-Way stipulation. The Miz’s focus is on Alex Riley (who has recently turned into a badass of sorts). The two guys who I can think of as legitimate threats to Cena’s reign are CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio, but at the same time they could just be long-term opponents and not WWE Champions till after WM28.

Anyway, here’s a new wallpaper featuring John Cena in his brand new red Never Give Up attire (which seems to be as popular as the two previous sets of clothing he had)! It’s a sequel to last year’s Never Give Up wallpaper. Major thanks to cenaviper and VKM for the hi-res pose of The Champ. This one’s for all the members of Cenation out there. To be honest, I hope Cena does keep the WWE Championship all the way to WrestleMania 28. It’ll make what is already an epic match into the stuff legends are made of. Download and enjoy, Cenation!


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  1. he’s best of the best

  2. i am the fan of john cena he never gv up 2 any 1

  3. Best in the world

  4. Best In The world u are the best cena

  5. john cena is the best in the world and i hope he gets a rematch clause with cm punk for the title so he can retain it back

  6. john cena is awesome he will always win and he will never cheat to win i love john cena

  7. i love u jhn

    • john cena will always be the people’s champ and he will always be the best in the world and he deserves the title back

  8. eu sou muito fã do jonh cena ele é demais mas só queria ver ele lutar no ringue com kane se ele não for medroso

  9. wow that so exited

  10. This is going right at my desktop wallpaper..Cool and great

  11. I love John Cena Very Much. He will only win On This Sundy Cm Punk Cannot Win

    • john cena is so awesome he will win the title back and keep it forever

  12. it looks great dez…..
    i hope champ still retain his title ..[wm28]

  13. Crap. I wanted only the logo on Cena's t-shirt… not him to actually be a part of the wallpaper… the logo looks really cool…
    Well, It's still a great wallpaper Dez, you outdo yourself everytime mate…

  14. i love cena .very best wallpaper

  15. john cena fan= no one talks about cena coz hes the best out of all the wrestlers and he must win and get the belt

  16. Awesome Wallpaper
    I waiting
    John Cena vs The Rock at Wrestlemania XXVIII

  17. Cena should keep the belt until WM28 and put it on the line against The Rock. This is the biggest match of this era. It HAS to be for the WWE Championship. Great wallpaper btw.

  18. I hate Cena. But very nice wallpaper.

    And about him keeping the belt till WM 28, errr I seriously hope not. Punk should take it from him.

  19. I agree that WWE is getting predictable. But u never know, maybe Rocky could take the title next yr. Maybe that's why they need Cena to keep it for that long…to prove he's not weak IF he loses to The Rock. I'd like to see Del Rio win. Not Truth. Good heel push, but not championship material.

    • go cena, i will support u!!!  :)

      • god makes persons like john cena………once in a hundred years

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