Is CM Punk Really Going To Leave WWE, Or Has He Signed A New Deal?

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As you all have probably heard, CM Punk is considering leaving the WWE. Reports say that the reason to this is because he wants commitment to his character, which he isn’t getting. This past week at the Capitol Punishment PPV after defeating Rey Mysterio, Punk stated he would tell us all the truth and had something monumental planned which would be announced on RAW.

CM Punk’s contract with the WWE is up on the 17th July 2011, and it’s been reported and rumoured all year round that Punk hasn’t renewed. Punk had a meeting with officials and refused to renew his contract, which indicates Punk is actually serious about leaving. This has been talk since the start of the year, many believe he’ll leave and come back after a hiatus or resign the last minute…no one believes he’s leaving and never coming back, or leaving and going to another company. Punk’s problem with the WWE is that he wants commitment to his character, the sort of commitment people like Cena and Orton are getting, and who can argue? Punk deserves it. Incredibly Punk won his first PPV match at Captiol Punishment against Rey Mysterio, which was his first PPV win since Extreme Rules 2010!

Punk has been praised and criticise by others for his work, attitude and commitment. Punk is definitely one of the best heels in the WWE, and they know it will be a huge loss if Punk was to leave. This past Monday, Punk became the new No.1 Contender for John Cena’s WWE Championship and will face him at the Money In The Bank PPV on (July 17th). Punk then announced to the world that his Contract is indeed expiring on the 17th and he IS leaving, but with the WWE Championship.

I personally believe it is now a fluke and CM Punk is not leaving…why? Because, why would they give someone (apart from retirements) a title match, main event at a PPV is they were indeed leaving. Normally when someone’s contract is coming to an end and hasn’t been renewed in the WWE, they either let them just disappear or have a storyline’d exit such as an injury angle (like they did with Jericho). I honestly doubt that WWE would have someone be on top and just have them walk out, unless they actually care about Punk that much they will let him leave on top, but that goes to question…why aren’t they fulfilling his needs of commitment? Punk winning the title and leaving would be shocking and confusing, but we could actually see Punk winning at MITB.

The fluke could be, WWE want to mess with the internet fans in thinking Punk will be leaving, but then putting the title on him would then question and possible shock those fans (which is rare to do these days) and have him come out the next night on RAW been him heel self making a joke of the fans. They could put the belt on him and have the RAW MITB winner cash in on him that night and then it’s bye bye Punk. BUT, I believe (and I hope others are with me) that this indicated Punk is getting what he wants therefore the WWE hope he resigns. Hell, it wouldn’t be the same without Punk.

What would add confusion to the whole thing is how WWE play out the feud with Punk and Cena over the next few weeks. But everyone can be sure that this isn’t the last we see of Punk in the WWE, weather he leaves or not.


  1. Punk is not going anywhere and wrestling is so fake now days

  2. Well, if u guys are watching Wrestling long enough, u´d know that punk had the exact same storyline in ROH a few years ago.
    He even posted the same comments in the internet as he did back than.

    ( He became Champion and left ROH 2 month later )

    Would be cool if that happens again this time in WWE, but i hope he doesnt leave at 17th july or 2 month later….

    Cm Punk is my fav. Wrestler atm, he´s one of the best Heels EVER !!!

    • oh and sry for my bad english :P

    • Yes, he also write the same "farewell to his fans, last night on his twitter. I'm sure you've seen.

      When Punk did this in ROH it was no surprise as in, you knew he'd be going eventually. With the WWE its as if you know he has no where else to go, common…TNA has nothing on or for Punk.

  3. Anyone notice that CM Punk used the words "best wrestler" and "World Wrestling Entertainment" on Raw? Unsure if that was intentional, a mistake on Punk's side, or just Punk's deliberate denial of the fact that WWE has blocked-off the word "wrestling".

    • I think it was done intentionally. He and others probably did it to add tension to the whole "i'm leaving" thing.

    • Yep that was intentionally for sure.
      Maybe because he doesnt care about that because he´s going to leave anyways…

  4. If punk leaves I want barrett to take over nexus again.

    • I think Punk's idea of Nexus is good, but WWE failed to keep pushing them. Punk should bring back the Straightedge Society, now badder and bigger than ever. Barrett should take Nexus and dominate again.

    • I personally believe Nexus would be done if Punk leaves. The faction is dead already in the writers eyes, therefore we see little use.

      • Another reason why WWE fails as a product these days, they lack vision and don't recognize potential. Nexus is one of the best angles in recent memory. They were ruthless, dominant, and were the creative dose the company needed to boost ratings. Given the right push and proper attention, Nexus could have gone on to become THE most powerful faction in WWE history joining the ranks of Evolution and DX. Such a pity, really. Wasted potential.

        • That's why The Game should come back and rule Nexus. Everything that HHH takes under his wing grows into a successful group. Evolution and DX are prime examples. With HHH at the reins, Nexus can't go wrong

  5. Cena is not going to lose the championship up to WM28 next yr. Either Rock wins the belt or Cena beats him, but they're not going to let someone prove they're better than Cena and then Cena beat The Rock because it doesn't prove a point. Rock has to come back to fight the biggest superstar of this era…so they'll keep Cena as the champ until his big match.

  6. I think Punk has resigned and WWE is using his "retirement" angle as a way to build interest for the match at MITB.

  7. whats my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love cmpunk dont leave we all love u

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