The Miz “Is Awesome” Wallpaper.

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WWE The Miz "Is Awesome" Wallpaper.

And I’m…………AWESOME!!!
Everyone knows that wrestling has a lot to do with trash-talking and bragging about oneself, and in those respects, there are only a handful who come close to The Miz. Currently the reigning United States Champion, The Miz is brash, cocky, arrogant, loud…but above all he’s Awesome (self-proclaimed, of course)! What I like about The Miz is that he stuck to what he knew best and ran with it. Instead of becoming the “Marty Jannety” after his tag-team run with John Morrison, The Miz took a change of persona (and attires) and went all out to make sure he became a recognizable name on Raw. From challenging John Cena to having excellent heel promos, and of course teaming-up with the Big Show for a short stint, The Miz is now one of the better superstars on Raw and it’s only a matter of time before he starts to appear more constantly in WWE Championship matches. Heck, I dare say The Miz has even proven John Morrison wrong and has inevitably become the better (and bigger) superstar. I still have faith in Morrison, though, but as of now I think The Miz is doing a better job as a heel than Morrison is doing as a babyface. Anyway, it’s been a long time since a Miz wallpaper went online, so here it is, everyone. For those of you out there who care to be Awesome, get to downloadin’ and decorate your screens!

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  2. miz you arent f*****g awesome. all you are is a chicken and a coward. so eat that.

  3. im the miz…. and … immmmmmmm awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. This is one very, very nice wallpaper.

  5. Hey, very good job ! Do you have Twitter? or anything else? And can you creat a wallpaper of Jeff Hardy plz? Answer me by email :)

  6. Great, AWESOME Miz wallpaper Dez !!!!

    It was long waiting for this.

    It's always John Cena or someone els you made a wallpaper from it. Now from The Miz, you did a great job Dez. Nice work.

    Thanks Dez !!!

    • you were so awesome I think you are totally awesome miz.

  7. I like this one a lot. Keep it up.

  8. This wall is definitely AWEEESSOMMEEEE!!!!

  9. @ shah:

    For wtf are you talking about man?

  10. thnxz dez for gr8 wallpapers of THE awesoMe Miz

    but summerslam history wallpapers every year matchcard wallpapers plz it's not on wwe or net

  11. Well, Dez…Yes you are AWESOME TOO!!! Being waiting for another update and this wallpaper of The Miz is one greatly good surprise! Thanks for the wallpaper and the new video btw. :D

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