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WWE Sheamus "WWE Champion" Wallpaper

A Force To Be Reckoned With.
Sheamus is one of those guys that has pure “superstar potential“. The fact that his skin is bleach-white (which causes his ginger-colored hair to contrast against it) makes him visually unique; making him stand out. And the fact that he has manhandled everyone who has come his way (except the new babyface Edge) makes him a competitor to be taken seriously. Not to mention, he’s the current WWE Champion and nobody has been able to take the title off him yet, despite Sheamus being a relative newcomer.

This wallpaper is entitled ‘The Irish Curse’ because that’s exactly what Sheamus is; bad luck for his opponents. I personally think Sheamus could be WWE’s next major superstar. He could be a solid heel or an extremely successful babyface because he’s got what it takes. It’s either get blinded by his skin or clobbered by his boot to the face! What I don’t like, though, is the fact that he limits his moves. How many big guys have we seen use the ‘boot’ over and over and over again? And how many potential ‘Brock Lesnars’ have we seen come, fail, and leave? Sheamus needs to take a new route. Maybe more personality and deeper character; something that’ll make people wanna’ watch to know what makes this beast tick. It’s a formula that has worked for all the big names and it’ll probably do Sheamus lots of good if applied well. Anyway, get to downloadin’! I say Sheamus keeps the WWE Championship and survives the Elimination Chamber. Something tells me the ‘ginger giant’ is about to headline WrestleMania 26!

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  1. fellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Love Sheamus and this is an awesome wallpaper <3


  4. Mi comentario es simple,nunca he sido aficionada ala lucha,aunque si me gustan los deportes de contacto ahora soy fanatica de ustedes,y no me interesa que a Sheamus le digan que es un luchador"sucio",para mi tiene tecnica,estilo,y sobre todo actitud,no necesita copiar a nadie,para mi es unico,es mas me encanta y en cuanto al encuentro de Shawn Michaels contra Undertaken,el Sr Michaels deberia Retirarse ahora que todavia tiene algo de respeto,la verdad da pena ajena.

  5. i'm not used to this new look. where do i find wwe display pictures ?

  6. it looks nice but you should have made an Edge Wall Cuz He Won the Rumble

  7. well another WWE wallpaper, what a surprise…

    can I request some TNA wallpapers?

    maybe D Angelo Dinero, Kurt Angle, Daniels, Morgan.

    something like that :)

    cause in other page, Have TNA wallpapers too so

    I dont think U dont make it cause there is not material

    I think is cause U are a WWE fanboy.

    U have like 20 wallpapers of Cena, HHH, Taker, and everyone in WWE.

    its time for TNA to get his owns, maybe ROH too.

    Im just saying ;)

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