Kelly Kelly “Bombshell” Wallpaper.

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WWE Kelly Kelly "Bombshell" Wallpaper

So Nice They Named Her Twice.
It’s no surprise that Kelly Kelly always finds herself coming back to either the Women’s or Divas Championship(s) every couple of months, even though it’s no secret that she isn’t one of the better wrestlers among the Divas. But what she lacks in ring abilities she makes up for with her looks, and who can deny that Kelly Kelly has everything that WWE could every look for when it comes to Diva eye-candy. I’ll give her credit, though…she has slightly improved in the ring over the course of the last couple of years, but she still has lots to learn. Her current feud with LayCool is entertaining, and although everyone knows the name “Smelly Kelly” isn’t true, it does get the normally-smiley Diva to show her tougher, more aggressive side every now and then. I got to thinking and thought the site could use a Diva wallpaper right now, and Kelly Kelly hasn’t had one in ages, so here it is! A brand new wallpaper called “Bombshell“…because that’s exactly what Kelly Kelly is.

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  1. Very nice wallpaper!

  2. I would like one of this but with Maryse. Is very nice.

  3. GR8 wallpapeR THnxz MAn SUMMErSLaM HistorY waLLpapERs pLZ

  4. It's been a long wait for a diva wallpaper! Nice one. :)

  5. Kelly Kelly… oh dear…

  6. Ahh, sweet wallpaper man! ;)

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