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RoyalRumble2010So it begins. We’re at the end of 2009 (it went by so fast, didn’t it?) and the hype for Royal Rumble 2010 has started. And with it comes the official beginning of the road to WrestleMania 26. All that aside, the promotional or inDemand poster for the Rumble looks kinda’ bad despite the fact that it’s bombarded with WWE superstars. Maybe the poster’s too white, maybe it doesn’t have as much color as it should, or maybe it’s just because it looks easily done. I expected more. This probably isn’t the final poster, though, since there’s still time and WWE may decide to pull off something more unique by then. My early predictions? It’s time for the new breed to shine. One of the up and coming superstars (Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, John Morrison, Kofi Kingston, etc) is going to get their golden opportunity to headline WrestleMania 26 and seal their place at the top of the food chain. That’s what I think.

Thanks to NME, Burak, Subho, Muafadal, and Irfan for the heads-up!


  1. i hope as well kane wins the rr

    good luck kane i hope u win

    i love u

  2. I got a feeling if John Cena is in the rumble hes going to win…

    but i don't want him to win

  3. not it is not a fake,1st because you cant find these superstars cuts on the web,and 2nd ITS JUST NOT OFFICIAL POSTER,ITS MADE JUST TO HAVE…SOMETHING LIKE POSTER FOR THE PPV,AND AFTER TLC IT WILL BE UPDATED

  4. This has got to be fake the background looks like the bragging rights-Orton background & it looks poorly photoshopped, I hop kane or Edge wins the rumble

  5. I hope that Kane win the RR.

  6. your predictions are that drew macintyre, john morrison or kofi kingston or shaemus will..

    did u know all 3 aint in the poster

  7. Maybe the winner of 2010 royal rumble is…… Edgeeeee…

  8. the updated poster for royal rumble 2010 will be very very different,this is early poster it is like the 1st bragging rights poster whit randy orton and again something like this white bg,but you saw what was the official poster i think the same will happen and whit this one(I HOPE!!!)

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